Terms and Condition

Defines what is required in connection 
with the use of “application and all kinds of services”

Article 1. (Purpose)

 The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters of the company and its members in connection with the use of “Trip Map” applications and services (hereinafter “service”) provided by PlanEYE (hereinafter referred to as “company”).

Article 2. (Definitions)

The terms used in this Agreement are as follows.

  1. The term “member” means a customer who connects to the company’s “service” and enters into a service contract with the “company” in accordance with this Agreement and uses the “service” provided by the “company”.
  2. The term “ID” means a combination of letters and numbers defined by “members” and approved by “company” for the identification of “members” and the use of services.
  3. The term “password” means the combination of letters or numbers determined by the “member” himself/herself for confidentiality purposes, confirming that the “member” is a “member” who is granted the “member”.
  4. “Paid service” means various website construction services and various services provided by “company” among “service”.
  5. “Publishing materials” or “content” means the contents, photos, videos, various files and links in the form of information such as code, letters, voice, sound, video, and video posted on the service.

Article 3. (Publishing and Revising Terms and Conditions)

  1. “Company” will post the contents of these terms and conditions on the menu screen to make it easier for “members”.
  2. The “Company” may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws, such as the “Act on the Regulation of Terms” and the “Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the “Information and Communications Network Act”).

Article 4 (interpretation of terms and conditions)

  1. The company may have separate terms and conditions and policies for individual services (called “other terms and conditions, etc.”), and “other terms and conditions, etc.” shall take precedence if the details conflict with these terms.
  2. Matters or interpretations not provided for in this Agreement shall be governed by “Other Terms and Conditions, etc.” and related statutes or correlations.

Article 5. (Enterment of Use Contracts)

  1. The service contract is concluded when the person who intends to become a “member” (hereinafter referred to as “applicant”) agrees to the terms and conditions, applies for membership, and the “company” accepts such application.
  2. “Company” shall, in principle, accept the use of the service for the application of “applicant”. However, the “company” may not accept the following applications or terminate the service contract afterwards
    • Where an applicant has previously lost membership under this Agreement
    • In the case of a person who is not a real name or uses another person’s name
    • Where false information is entered or the contents presented by the company are not entered
    • Where a child under 14 years of age fails to obtain consent from his/her legal representative (parent, etc.) when entering “personal information” prescribed by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
    • In the case of an application that is unable to approve due to reasons attributable to the user or violates all other prescribed matters.
  3. In the case of an application that is unable to approve due to reasons attributable to the user or violates all other prescribed matters;
  4. In principle, if a “member” uses paid services, he/she shall use the service after paying the fee, and the time of establishment of the paid service contract shall be when “purchase completion” is indicated in the application procedure.
  5. “Company” shall notify the minor or legal representative of the cancellation of the contract prior to the conclusion of the contract if the minor member under the age of 20 intends to use the paid service, such as the parents, or if the contract is not approved after the minor himself/herself or his/her legal representative may cancel the contract.
  6. “Company” may withhold its consent if there is no room for service-related facilities, technical or business problems.
  7. In the event that the application for membership is not accepted or withheld pursuant to paragraphs (2) and (3), the “company” shall, in principle, notify the applicant of the request.
  8. The time of establishment of the service contract shall be the time when the “Company” marks the completion of the subscription in the application process.
  9. “Company” may divide “members” by grade according to company policy, subdivide the hours of use, frequency of use, service menu, etc. and make a difference in their use.

Article 6. (Changes in member information)

  1. The “members” can view and modify their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, the ID needed for service management cannot be modified.
  2. The “member” shall, if any changes are made in the application for membership, modify them online or inform the “company” of the changes by e-mail or other means.
  3. The “company” shall not be liable for any disadvantages caused by the failure to notify the “company” of the changes in paragraph 2.

Article 7. (Personal Information Protection Duty)

All information provided by “members” and “company” to “services” shall be governed by the Privacy Policy, and the collection and use of your information by “company” shall be governed by this policy. “Member” recognizes that by using this service, “Company” is deemed to agree to collect and use “Member” information (as defined in the Privacy Policy). As part of providing this service to “members”, “company” may need to provide communications, including service-related announcements and messages on administrative issues.

Article 8. (Duties on the Management of “IDs” and “Passwords” of “members”)

The “member” shall protect/manage all actions related to the password used in this service. “Company” recommends that your account have a strong password (a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers and symbols). The “Company” shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by failure to meet the above requirements. “Company” is committed to keeping “service” safe, but it cannot guarantee its safety.

Article 9. (Notice of Members)

  1. In the event that “Company” notifies “members”, e-mail addresses designated by “members”, e-mail messages in the service, etc. may be used unless otherwise provided in this Agreement.
  2. “Company” may replace the notice referred to in paragraph (1) by posting it on the bulletin board of “Company” for at least seven days for notification of all “members”.

Article 10. (Duties of the “Company”)

  1. The “company” shall not engage in acts prohibited by the relevant laws and this Agreement or contrary to the customs and customs, and shall endeavor to provide “service” continuously and stably.
  2. “Company” shall have a security system for the protection of personal information (including credit information) so that “members” can use “services” safely, and shall disclose and comply with the privacy policy.
  3. “Company” shall handle any opinions or complaints raised by “members” in connection with the use of the service if they are deemed justifiable. For opinions or complaints raised by members, the process and results are communicated to the “members” by using the bulletin board or by e-mail.
  4. “Company” displays the following information easily on the initial screen of “Paid Service”, its packaging, FAQ, etc.
    • Name or title of paid service
    • Contents, method of use, usage fee, payment method and other conditions of use of paid service
    • Minimum technical specifications required for the use of available devices

Article 11. (The suspension of service use or termination of a contract)

  1. A “member” shall not:
    • Registration of false information upon application or modification
    • For other people’s information.
    • Changes to information posted to “Company”
    • Send or post information (computer programs, etc.) other than those prescribed by “company”
    • Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights of “company” and other third parties;
    • The act of damaging or obstructing the honor of the “company” and other third parties;
    • Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent messages, images, voices, or other information against the public domain to “company”.
    • An act that violates or does not conform to the company’s separately prescribed content principles.
    • Other illegal or unjust acts
  2. The “members” shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of this Agreement, the precautions announced in relation to the use guide and the “service”, the matters notified by the “company”, and shall not interfere with the work of the “company”.

Article 12. (Providing Services, etc.)

  1. In principle, the service is provided 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day.
  2. The “company” may temporarily suspend the provision of the service if there is a repair inspection, replacement, or failure of information and communication facilities, such as computers, or any significant reason for communication failure or operation. In this case, the “Company” shall notify the “Member” in the manner prescribed in Article 9 (“Notice of Members”). However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the “company” cannot notify in advance, it may be notified after the incident.
  3. The “Company” may conduct an emergency inspection if necessary for the provision of services, and the emergency inspection time shall be based on the disclosure on the service control website.
  4. If “pay service” is unable to be provided due to conversion of business items or abandonment of business, the “company” shall notify the “members” by the method prescribed in Article 9 (Notification of Members) and compensate the “members” according to the conditions originally set forth in “Company”.

Article 13. (change of service)

  1. “Company” may change all or some of its services to meet operational and technical needs, provided there are substantial reasons. If there is a change in the service contents, method of use, and hours of use, the reason for the change, the details of the service to be changed, the date of provision, etc. shall be posted on the service initialization page for at least seven days prior to the change.
  2. The “Company” may modify, suspend, or change all or part of the services provided free of charge in accordance with the company’s policy and operation, and shall not make any compensation to its members unless otherwise provided in the relevant laws.
  3. If the change in “Paid Service” is serious or unfavorable to “members”, the “Company” shall notify the “members” of the “Paid Service” by the method prescribed in Article 9 (Notification of Members). At this time, “Company” will provide pre-change services to “members” who refuse to agree. However, if such a service is not available, the service may be suspended or the contract may be suspended. In this case, the refund shall be made in accordance with Article 19-2.

Article 14. (Providing Information)

  1. “Company” may provide “members” with various information deemed necessary by “members” through notice or e-mail. However, “members” may refuse to receive information through e-mail at any time except for transaction-related information and customer center responses under the relevant laws.
  2. If the information referred to in paragraph 1 is to be sent by telephone or facsimile transmitter, it shall be sent with the prior consent of the “member”.

Article 15. (Copyright of Posts)

  1. The copyright of the post posted by “members” in the service belongs to the author of the post.
  2. “Contents” posted by “members” within “services” may be exposed to search results, “services” and related promotions, and may be partially modified, reproduced, edited and posted to the extent necessary for such exposure. In this case, the company complies with the copyright law regulations, and “members” can delete, exclude search results, or take non-disclosure measures against such postings at any time through the management functions within the Customer Center or “Service”.
  3. “Company” shall obtain prior consent from the members by telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. if it intends to use the members’ posts other than those referred to in paragraph (2).

Article 16 (Management of Posts)

  1. If the posts of “members” include contents that violate the relevant laws, such as the Information and Communications Network Act and the Copyright Act, the right holder may request the suspension and deletion of the relevant posts in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the relevant laws, and the “company” and “members” shall take action in accordance with the relevant laws.
  2. “Company” may take temporary measures, etc. against the post in accordance with the relevant law, if there is a reason for the violation of rights or other company policies or related laws, even if there is no request from the right holder under the previous paragraph.

Article 17 (The attribution of rights)

  1. Copyright and intellectual property rights to “services” belong to the Company. However, the members’ posts and works provided under the partnership agreement are excluded.
  2. “Company” grants members only the right to use accounts, IDs, contents, etc. in accordance with the conditions of use determined by the company in relation to the service, and “members” shall not perform any acts of disposition, such as transfer, sale, or provision of collateral.

Article 18. (The cancellation, termination, etc. of a contract under “members”)

  1. The “member” may apply for withdrawal from the service through the self-information management menu at any time, and the “company” shall immediately handle the request as prescribed by the relevant laws, etc.
  2. If the “member” cancels the contract, all data of the member shall be destroyed immediately after termination, except in the case that the company holds the member information in accordance with the relevant laws and privacy policies.
  3. If the “member” cancels the contract, all data registered in his/her account will be deleted.

Article 19. (Return)

  1. “Company” will refund the full amount paid by the member if the service is not performed or normal use is not possible because the company cannot supplement or correct the defect of the agreed “paid service”.
  2. “Company” may terminate the contract under Articles 13, 18, and 20, or “members” may terminate the contract for “paid service”, but the fee will not be refunded unless legally required.
  3. “Company” shall refund the entire amount of overpayment in the same way as the payment of the overpayment, and “Company” shall be responsible for proving that the overpayment has been duly charged if “Company” refuses to refund the overpayment.
  4. The company will proceed with the refund in the same way as the payment, and if the refund is not possible in the same way as the payment, it will be notified in advance. However, in the case of a payment method that requires confirmation of receipt, the payment shall be refunded within three working days from the date of confirmation of receipt.
  5. In the event of a refund, the following rules will apply to the settlement of the refund amount.
    • The discount rate application is provided on the condition that the contract period will be used in the normal maturity form and will be settled at the standard amount rate for a mid-term refund, not the discount rate applied.
    • Calculate 90% of the balance, excluding the amount of the period used, from the pre-paid usage fee after calculating the daily rate based on the monthly rate of the standard amount instead of applying the discount rate.
    • You will be refunded within 15 days of the date of application for refund.
    • 10% non-refundable will be treated as penalty for cancellation of service due to customer imputation.
    • However, if 90% of the settled refund balance is 0 won, no refund will be made.

Article 20 (Usage restrictions, etc.)

  1. The “company” may gradually restrict the use of the service to warnings, suspensions or termination of the contract if the “member” violates the obligations of this Agreement or interferes with the normal operation of the service.
  2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the “company” may terminate the contract immediately if it violates the relevant laws, such as the theft and payment of names in violation of the “Resident Registration Act”, the obstruction of the provision and operation of illegal programs in violation of the “Copyright Act” and the “Computer Program Protection Act”, illegal communications and hacking in violation of the “Information and Communications Network Act”, distribution of malicious programs, and excesses of access rights. Upon termination of the contract pursuant to this paragraph, all benefits obtained through the use of the service shall be extinguished, and the company shall not compensate for such benefits.
  3. “Company” may restrict the use of member information for the protection of member information and the efficiency of operation if free members do not log in for more than three months continuously.
  4. The company shall comply with the conditions and details of the restriction within the scope of the restriction on the use of this Article as prescribed by the Restriction of Use Policy.
  5. In the case of restricting or terminating the service use pursuant to this section, the “Company” shall notify you in accordance with Article 9 [Notice of Members].
  6. The “member” may raise an objection to the restriction on use, etc. under this Article in accordance with the procedures set by the “company”. If the company acknowledges that the objection is justifiable, the company immediately resumes the use of the service.

Article 21. (Compensation for Members’ Damage by Suspending Services, etc.)

The “company” shall make reasonable efforts to provide maximum monthly uptime during the period of providing “pay-as-you-go” to its customers. If the service responsibilities contained in “Paid Services” are not met, the customer may claim the Service Compensation Plan defined below, for example, through Customer Support. However, the time for the regular inspection, etc. notified in advance, is not included in the calculation of monthly uptime.

  1. If the monthly shutdown time occurs for more than 3 hours, the average daily rate of the last 3 months (applied during the period if less than 3 months) is multiplied by 24 times the service suspension time, and the compensation is made within 5 times the amount calculated.
  2. Compensation will be paid within 3 working days after the negotiation of compensation plan is completed.

Article 22 (Limits of Liability)

  1. If the “company” is unable to provide “service” due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, it shall be exempted from responsibility for providing “service”.
  2. “Company” shall not be held liable for any failure in the use of the service due to reasons attributable to “members”.
  3. “Company” shall not be held liable for the information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by “members” in connection with “services”.
  4. “Company” shall be exempted from liability if it transacts between “members” or between “members” and third parties through “service”.
  5. “Company” shall not be held liable for the use of free services unless otherwise provided in the relevant laws.
  6. “Company” does not guarantee the revenue expected by “members” using “services”. Also, we will not reimburse any damages related to this matter.

Article 23. (compliance law and jurisdiction)

  1. The litigation between “company” and “members” shall be governed by the Korean Law.
  2. A lawsuit concerning a dispute between “company” and “members” shall be filed with the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

A supplementary clause

  1. Announcement date: August 3, 2020
  2. Application date: August 10, 2020
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